Una is an acupuncturist, reflexologist and aromatherapist with an interest in pausing the aging process and unleashing your glow, and helping you look and feel amazing.

Do you feel that your skin needs some zing? Is it lacking bounce? Have you lost your pizazz? Would you like a natural way to look and feel your best? Facial acupuncture and facial rejuvenation might just be the oomph your skin needs.

You can opt for the Synergy Facial which uses acupuncture needles, LED light therapy and microcurrent to bring the zing.

Or if needles are not your friend, I totally get it, we all have our phobias or maybe you are currently preggers and can’t have the synergy facial!. You can opt for the Zone facelift *available from November 2019.

These treatments are natural alternatives to botox/fillers and because they are more natural they are not a one treatment immediate fix. Results are initially noticeable – however for best and long lasting results, a treatment course of a few sessions of at least 4 weeks good the optimum is 12 weeks.

Sessions and treatments are cumulative, meaning they build upon the momentum of each other every time.

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